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10 Jun 2014

White Paper: the School of the Future

Disrupted by technology and market forces, business education is facing a revolution. From MOOCs to Serious Games, the teaching methods of tomorrow are being tested today.

Our new White Paper "Thoughts on the School of the Future" puts forth an ambitious vision of the future. Uniting the teaching methods of today with the technological advances of tomorrow is at the heart of this outlook. A challenge solidly built on the belief that this revolution is an opportunity to bring teaching back into the heart of business education.

The following 6 key themes are addressed our White Paper

  • Teaching:
    Technology is but a means to an end: personalized education. The teaching methods of tomorrow will be built on a myriad of innovative tools.
  • Studying: The internet has brought a wealth of information to our fingertips. The crucial skill of the future will be knowing how to find, analyze and use the right information.
  • Working: Innovative professors will lead us to the future of teaching. Expert technical support teams will be the foundation upon which this evolution is built.
  • Living: The internet, distance-learning and wireless networks have revolutionized the on-campus experience.
  • Researching: Innovative research holds the keys to the teaching methods of the future and is a crucial part of our evolution.
  • Recruiting: As the age of the linear career path comes to an end, education becomes a lifelong necessity. Higher education's link to the business world must be a two-way street to promote opportunities to renew skills throughout a career.

Discover the conclusions, observations and thoughts from corporate leaders, journalists, researchers and Jean-François Fiorina. This is the first English white book in a series of books to be published by our school.

Download the White Paper