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19 Feb 2014

Is the use of congruent sponsorship really the most effective ?

Results of research led by Olivier Trendel, associate professor in the Marketing Department.

Olivier Trendel has published a new research paper in Recherche et Applications en Marketing on memorizing sponsors.


Several studies have shown that congruent sponsorship leads to better memorization of the sponsor. This study shows that the brand is better identified when the sponsorship is less congruent and furthermore for a small level of opportunity to process the sponsorship, competitors identified as low congruent sponsors are less well identified too.

More informations

Trendel, Olivier et Luk Warlop, 2013. Mémorisation des parrains : l'influence de la congruence du parrainage réexaminée à l'aide du modèle de flexibilité de l'encodage, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 28(4): 28-46