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22 Sep 2011

Training Nigerian faculty in best teaching and research practices

Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), in association with the Grenoble Institute of Technology, has signed a partnership with the Nigerian Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) to assist in enhancing the skills of Nigerian university lecturers in the field of oil and gas.

The PTDF is a governmental agency dedicated to petroleum technology and manpower with the responsibility of developing the skills of Nigerians through research and training in order for them to effectively operate and manage Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

GGSB has been appointed to offer training to forty Nigerian University lecturers starting from September 2011 as part of the PTDF’s University Lecturers Skills Enhancement Programme.

The University Lecturers Skills Enhancement Programme lasts six months including three months of overseas training in Grenoble.
The program aimed at improving best teaching and research practices in the areas oil and gas will include training in: GGSB’s pedagogical innovations techniques, shadowing, supervision methods, assessment and marking procedures, emotional intelligence, research methodology, presentation skills, leadership, strategic thinking, planning, change management, building successful industrial partnerships etc. Team-building training is also on the program, teaching faculty to work more effectively together.

Gael Fouillard, Director of Development & Executive Education, GGSB, said: “There is no shortage of qualified faculty in technical fields in Nigerian Universities, however no Nigerian University is ranked in the top four hundred universities in the Times Higher Education University World Ranking. This ranking is based on teaching techniques, research and how research findings are exploited. This training program is designed to help Nigerian Universities improve their practice and reach international standards in these areas.”