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05 Jul 2013

Thierry Grange awarded with the Grenoble Institute of Technology Technical Teaching Medal

Grenoble Institute of Technology (GIT) awarded its Bronze Medal for Technical Teaching to Thierry Grange, President of the Strategic Board at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Aperam Research Center Manager Jean-Michel Damasse was also awarded with the Bronze Medal.

Grenoble Institute of Technology has granted some fifteen technical teaching medals since 2005, recognizing excellence in a wide variety of technical disciplines from the traditional to the cutting-edge.
“This year, we are honored to recognize two men whose contributions are emblematic of the close ties that have existed between Grenoble Institute of Technology and manufacturing companies since the school’s inception in the early 20th century,” Ms. Plateau, General Administrator of the GIT, said in her speech at the ceremony. “They also illustrate the broad range of key technology-related disciplines taught at our school—indicative of our strategy to teach all of the technologies today’s businesses need, including project management, innovation management, and, more generally, business administration.”

Thierry Grange an exemplary entrepreneur and manager

Mr. Grange holds degrees in mechanical engineering (from Germany’s Technische Universität Münich), economics and finance (from Grenoble IEP), and management science (from Grenoble University). He also completed the International Teachers Program at HEC. From 1972 to 1979 he held international project management positions in the construction industry. He then founded and ran motor-scooter manufacturer BFG SA (MBK) until 1984, when he took a position at newly-founded business school ESC Grenoble (today Grenoble Ecole de Management), where he served as a member of the school’s faculty (including visiting faculty positions in Europe, the United States, Russia, China, and Africa), academic dean, head of international development, dean, and, in 2002, director.

He is currently President of the school’s Strategic Board.
“I nominated Thierry Grange for this medal for several reasons, not least of which is his track record as an entrepreneur, but also because he ran his business school like a business, successfully melding management and technology—a revolutionary idea at the time,” said Mr. Jacquet, former General Administrator of the GIT. “Grenoble Institute of Technology and Grenoble Ecole de Management have worked closely together for the past 26 years, in both degree and executive education programs, a fine example for cooperation between engineering and business schools. Today, the two schools are continuing to break new ground by partnering with the CEA to establish the GIANT innovation campus.”

About the Grenoble Institute of Technology Technical Teaching Medal

The Grenoble Institute of Technology Technical Teaching Medal, created in 1972, is awarded to those who, although they are not state-certified teachers, have made exemplary contributions to technical and vocational education and related projects. State-certified teachers are eligible to receive the medal on an exceptional basis for contributions that go above and beyond their main teaching duties, such as participation in executive education and apprenticeship programs.