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16 Feb 2015

Success Story: Lorette Lozano, a successful career in the making

Lorette Lozano, a 2013 MIB graduate, is an excellent example of a typical GGSB student. With an enviable international acumen, solid academic record and eager to face the world, the MIB provided her with the ideal springboard to professional success. 

Now working in Nigeria within the Contracts Team for MPH at Total, one of the biggest oil production companies worldwide, Lorette’s rapid career development is illustrative of that of many GGSB graduates.

Having both US and Honduran citizenships, Lorette was set to have an international career from the start. Following an Engineering degree in Honduras, she set off to Chile for some adventure, and there she came to learn about GGSB’s MIB through a friend. Not afraid of a challenge, she eagerly embraced the idea of studying at a top business school, in a new and exciting setting: Grenoble and its beautiful Alpine surroundings.

Lorette fell in love with the school the moment she arrived: a state-of-the-art campus, exuding energy, with a dynamic international atmosphere. Alongside studying hard on the MIB program, Lorette made the most of living in the heart of the Alps and spent her weekends trying out exciting new sports. Learning to ski whilst perfecting her skills in International Business Management: a top year all round!

Moving on to her next challenge, after the taught part of the MIB Lorette received two internship offers: one in China, working for a Spanish company, and one in Paris working for an international business. Faced with this tough choice that most of us would like to have, she decided Paris was her best option, and it was during her time there that her command of the French language really took off.

A few months after finishing the 6-month internship in Paris, Lorette went to Nigeria to do field research work in order to complete her Final Management Project for the MIB. Studying the life of trailing spouses of expats was her goal, but aside from the long hours researching to complete her project, she took advantage of the opportunities to socialize and network with fellow expats. Her open nature resulted in numerous contacts which proved to be decisive in getting Lorette her current position.

Working in an international, male-dominated environment Lorette has chance to put to daily use the negotiation skills she learned in her MIB. Her charisma and drive have taken her a long way… and this is just the start!
Congratulations on your success, Lorette!