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11 Apr 2012

The rich, new avatar of the MIB program

The consistently high global ranking of the MIB program has placed an immense responsibility on our shoulders: the responsibility of consistently delivering, year after year, a high quality program to our stakeholders! Our stakeholders include not only our current study body, but also our alumni, the domestic and international companies our graduates work for, and the larger society. It is with the objective of meeting this responsibility, that at the beginning of last year, we undertook the challenging and substantial task of reviewing the existing and already successful MIB program.


The review process which began in November 2010.

In the first instance the permanent and visiting professors who have contributed to the MIB program for the past several years were invited to make their suggestions regarding what they would like to see changed on the MIB program.

We also analyzed the input and feedback we had been receiving from our MIB students in the past five years regarding the program and its content. Simultaneously we engaged in a rigorous assessment of similar programs offered by other top-ranked schools. Another very important stakeholder group that we included in this reflective exercise was the local and international companies that have been employing our graduates for the past several years. Once we had received all the input from the different academic departments and once the input from the other stakeholders was also presented to the MIB program review committee, the creative process of restructuring the program commenced. The MIB program review committee met five times through the year, every time engaging in in-depth reflections and discussions, which culminated in the generation of many creative suggestions regarding the content of the program. This iterative and reflective exercise concluded with the final presentation and subsequent approval of the revised MIB program to the GGSB Board of Studies in December 2011. The MIB students and alumni were also invited to comment on the revised program and have given it their resounding approval!

The revised MIB program is a much leaner and richer program than the existing one and more in line with the current demands of the job market. The review process has resulted in shortening some of the existing modules, regrouping other existing modules, creation of new modules, and the integration of existing modules into other modules. In the revised MIB program the Final Management Project (graduating thesis) has been given much more significance as compared to the existing program. This change is in line with the general practices in many top business schools around the globe. Most importantly, all these changes are consistent with the guidelines provided by our accrediting bodies (AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB).

The revised MIB program is set to be launched in September 2012
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