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10 Dec 2013

Research: How gaming can encourage business innovation

Serious games: What an oxymoron! In the classic definition, a game is defined as a voluntary action that is intended to be fun and enjoyable for the player. On the contrary, serious - video or board - games' first intentions are utilitarian.

Because of this they are often used within business or education. Indeed, their key aim is to engage individuals in complex or boring tasks. These more serious games provide a safe environment to let participants (often employees) experiment in solving business issues or problems without worrying about the consequences. The process of developing and using such games enhances skills and abilities, which is a necessary first step before actually taking action to improve real-life business problems.  They focus on emotions rather than on a cognitive approach to enhance participants’ motivation in seven key areas: Competition, personal challenge, chance, loss of control, role playing social recognition and collaboration.

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