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02 Oct 2013

Obo, the new premium soft drink

New case study from Christine de Gaudemaris and Laurent Mandica

Obo is the story of two friends from the Charente who discovered a Siberian soda made from plant extracts. They decided to join their resources and set off on the adventure of creating a company selling this unusual tasting drink. 

A few months later the first few cans of Obo came out of the production factory and were satisfying the new consumers.

The first marketing campaigns gave the new brand an element of notoriety but also a rather confused image. It's not easy for an unknown start-up to pierce a sector as highly competitive as the soft drinks sector, and the creators recognized their inexperience in the marketing domain. Everything rests on creating a solid marketing strategy policy !    

The pedagogical case created by Christine Gaudemaris and Laurent Mandica , Marketing professors at Grenoble Ecole de Management, provides a framework to guide a newly created small company confronted by a ferociously competitive environment.  

 It enables learners to implement the marketing approach in its global sense -  strategic analysis with the choice of focused targets in order to focus and define a clear positioning and operational proposals, always with a view to adapting these proposals to organizational and financial constraints of a business establishment. 


C. de Gaudemaris et L. Mandica, OBO, le nouveau Premium soda ? », cas déposé à la CCMP,  M1799

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