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11 Feb 2016

New MOOC exploring New Energy Technologies to be launched in March

Grenoble Ecole de Management and Grenoble INP- Ense3, alongside Tenerrdis, the French leading energy cluster, and other leading actors including Air Liquide, CNR, General Electric and Think Smart Grids, are launching a new free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Beginning on March 14, 2016, it will explore the new and upcoming technologies that may help solve some of the world’s biggest energy challenges.

Ce nouveau MOOC a en effet été développé par Grenoble Ecole de Management et le pôle de compétitivité Tenerrdis, en partenariat avec Air Liquide, CNR, General Electric, Grenoble INP - Ense3 et Think Smart Grids. Il bénéficie également du soutien de l’IRT Nano Elec.

Registrations are open for the six-week MOOC on New Energy Technologies, which is aimed at both students at all levels studying related areas or professionals working within or with an interest in the energy sector.

This MOOC will aim to provide participants with a dual techno-oriented and business-oriented perspective of the issues at play in the development of new energy technologies. It will explore the contributions of key regional and international market players in the transition towards more sustainable energy technologies.

Each week, the course will cover one broad topic related to a renewable energy source and the transition towards sustainable energy technologies. Participants will: 

  • Learn how to analyse and evaluate the different new technologies and innovations and explore their impact in the energy sector.
  •  Discover the market organisation and the main actors of the six areas: energy efficiency, energy from biogas, hydropower, solar energy, hydrogen energy, and smart grids and storage.
  •  Contribute to social exchange and global awareness of the “energy transition” and each new energy technologies’ impact.

Olivier Cateura, Innovation Manager at Tenerrdis Energy Cluster and Associate Professor in Strategic Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management, said: “New, more sustainable energy sources such as solar, hydropower and biogas, plus key technologies like smart grids and new storage solutions like hydrogen, hold a lot of promises when it comes to solving the world’s future energy needs.

“This new MOOC will give participants a wider knowledge of these new energy technologies and give them insight into what kind of impact they are likely to have through addressing both technological and business issues.
“Students, at undergraduate or graduate level, will find this course useful, particularly those studying electrical networks, electrical engineering or smart grids. Professionals, especially those working for the energy industry, will also be able to gain a broader and in-depth understanding about these innovations.”

Study should take approximately 2 hours per week via the website at any time during the day or night, with readings assigned each week. There will also be an area of the MOOC website where participants can take part in discussions with other students and experts to debate the issues and share ideas.

The MOOC was developed through the joint and collaborative efforts of two leading French “Grandes Ecoles” (Grenoble Ecole de Management and Grenoble INP) and Tenerrdis, the French leading energy cluster. It was also made possible through the generous financial support and contribution of major industry leaders in the global energy market: Air Liquide, General Electric, Think Smart Grids and CNR and is supported by the French Government, as part of the Investissement d’Avenir funding initiative IRT Nano Elec.

For more information contact Rebecca Griffiths at Communications Management,
+33 (0)1727733885, or e-mail

Tam Jattiot