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20 Mar 2014

New logo, new strategic plan

The choice for a new logo marks Grenoble Ecole de Management's (GEM) 30th anniversary. A logo that follows the evolution in 2014 of its visual identity and replaces the last logo created in 2003. This change embodies the new developments at Grenoble Ecole de Management and its firmly established position among European Business Schools.

GEM : Un nouveau logo pour accompagner le nouveau plan stratégiqueThe choice for a simple monochromatic (black or white) composition reinforces the elegant and modern graphic design. Easily recognizable, the G from Grenoble replaces the traditional Dolphin, which required much explanation outside of the Dauphiné region. The triangular design rests upon a solid base to convey the institution's stable and authoritative stature, founded on technology and innovation management. The open and balanced layout of the G brings a touch of energy and illustrates GEM's vision for the future.

"2013 saw the creation of our new graphic layout with a colorful communications campaign based on the modification of popular quotations. In coordination with our management, the next step was to redesign our logo in order to symbolize the school's international stature and ambitions," explains Annelaure Oudinot, Head of Communications and Marketing Operations.

This evolution goes hand in hand with Grenoble Ecole de Management's strategic development plan for 2014-2018. "These new graphic elements express our vision to become a leader among business schools while continually developing our capacity to influence and inspire the field of education, the business world, our numerous partners, and above all our society," elaborates Loïck Roche, Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management.

The success of this vision by 2018 will flow from two GEM priorities: the implementation of our strategy to continue developing our hallmark excellence in Technology and Innovation Management, and our transformation from a Business School model to one of a School for Business. The choice for a new GEM logo, and thus the first distinctive sign of the brand, is the first step in this overall strategic plan.