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21 May 2013

New global media campaign

Grenoble Ecole de Management is looking to continuously stand out from the crowd – the highly competitive and international sphere of business schools – by launching a new global media campaign reflecting its distinctive nature.

Colourful, sophisticated with a twist

The campaign aims to confirm the School’s rank in the top European Business Schools whilst displaying its difference in terms of its expertise in management of technology and innovation.
The concept, designed by the agency Kaelia, is based on the recycling of famous sayings, with a zest of innovation: « All you need is innovation”, “Keep calm and innovate”, « To innovate or not to innovate, that is not the question »…

From a graphic point of view, the agency focused on a minimal but striking and colourful design with one sentence per rectangular sheet, in order to focus the attention of the public on one clear message.  
We wanted to innovate by communicating with words as opposed to images, in a more classical but none the less creative fashion. Indeed, it was essential that we retained what makes our difference with a campaign concept far from the norm” explains Annelaure Oudinot, Communication & Marketing Director at GEM.

A new baseline: « Inspiring ideas and talent »

GEM also embraced a new baseline in line with its mission of ‘generating knowledge and new skills for businesses’: « Inspiring ideas and talent ».

“Ideas” and “talent” are two words with a heightened sense of humanity and creativity attached to them, and which are coherent with the School’s ambition.

Media outlets to feature new campaign

The new campaign will feature on all of the School’s communication outlets: website, social media, press advertisements, brochures,…