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24 May 2012

GEM Nymphony : The first French music label by and for students

Nymphony Records is a new music label founded by students at Grenoble Ecole de Management aimed at students from all over. Already 10 artists got signed to this new record label

Just like any other music label, Nymphony Records coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion of records thanks to a significant presence on the web and in concert halls.

Nymphony Records is managed by students for students. The label wants to show that students have a lot of talent, and at the same time promote the diversity and richness of a variety of musical styles.

Several EP (extended plays) and music videos have been released. Most recently a 12 track CD has been distributed (12000) regrouping performances by six signed-artists and six finalists of an inter-management school competition which took place earlier this year.

This inter-management school competition received over 80 compositions from 15 schools. 12 compositions were posted on the facebook page, with users then voting for their favourite artist. Songs were listened to, over 35000 times.