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17 Feb 2015

Future-Driven Business Innovation: A New MOOC

On February 23rd 2015, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) will launch a new MOOC on the management of technology and innovation. The class is called "Future-Driven Business Innovation" and registration is free. It will last four weeks and be carried out entirely in English. The goal is for participants to learn how to identify and capitalize on opportunities for innovation in order to create new products or services.
Video presentation of the class and registration.

This MOOC was developed under the IRT Nanoelec framework and in partnership with the Toulouse Business School.

"Within 10 years a tennis racket could be used to test your strength or to challenge a partner on the other side of the planet. In 20 years, pressure cookers will either disappear or be transformed into nutrition tools for well-being that can be customized and shared." highlights Sylvie Blanco, a professor specialized in the management of technology at GEM.

"This MOOC is an opportunity to rethink how to generate a continuous stream of opportunities for new products and services" adds David Gotteland, a professor of marketing at GEM.

Sylvie Blanco and David Gotteland will be teaching this class.

  • The MOOC is designed for companies and individuals (students and managers) who have previous knowledge of innovation management (master's level).
  • It will have four chapters: why firms must innovate; how a firm can delineate a new innovation space; how a firm can generate ideas for new products or services; how a firm can select opportunities for future business value.
  • It will alternate between theoretical teaching and practical exercises (weekly quizzes, essay style homework to be assessed by classmates).
  • It will involve participants in the creation of class content. Participants will write short summaries that will be voted on by the class and used to publish a collective work on the subject.