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21 Jun 2012

Dr Taran Patel published in the European Management Review

Dr Taran Patel (MIB Program Director and Associate Professor, GEM) has recently had a research article accepted for publication in the European Management Review (EMR), which is a 3 star journal on the CNRS list.
This paper is co-authored with Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Steve Rayner from the University of Oxford, and will appear in print in the coming months. This is Professor Patel's second publication this year, the first one being in Business and Society (1 star on CNRS).

In the EMR paper, Patel and Rayner explain that frameworks of national/societal culture approach (NCA), although popular, are unsuitable for cultural sense-making when:

  • people’s national/corporate identities become blurred,
  • the focus is on cultural diversity within an entity, and
  • the cultural phenomenon spans across levels, scales and geo-ethnic boundaries.

To serve as an alternative to NCA in these scenarios, a cultural framework must:

  • explain people’s behaviors without evoking nationality-based behavioral generalizations
  • lend itself to applications across levels, scales and geo-ethnic boundaries,
  • explain social change as a never-ending, unpredictable phenomenon, and
  • explain conformity and diversity of human behavior.

In search of such a framework, Patel and Rayner review anthropology literature, more precisely Fredrik Barth’s transactional culture approach. Their search leads them to the Douglasian Cultural Framework (DCF). 
Patel and Rayner show that DCF meets the afore-mentioned criteria, and has been successfully used by scholars as a transactional cultural tool in scenarios where NCA frameworks are unsuitable.

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Among her many research projects, Dr Patel is also working towards a book on cultural issues in business to be published next year with Routledge.