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28 Apr 2014

Daniel Duric, MIB 2012-13

GGSB grad finds that a unique Master’s program abroad is a springboard to a banking career.

Daniel was enrolled in GGSB’s Beijing-based Master in International Business program during the 2012-2013 academic year – an experience that he says was enriching both personally and professionally. “I believe that the strength of the MIB is the international mindset that students acquire throughout the program and the direct experience they acquire by living in a different country for a full year,” he told us when we recently spoke to him.

During his year in Beijing, Daniel established friendships with classmates from all continents and learned from international professors while experiencing local life; traveled to different Chinese provinces; explored Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines; and participated in local industry visits.

“I saw with my own eyes how China is constantly changing at an incredible pace,” he says, “and got valuable insight into doing business in China. All these elements, plus a high-quality general management program delivered by GGSB, gave me confidence and made me aware of my skills and competencies.”

The program and his China experience helped him stand out when he applied for a position in a major Swiss bank, where he currently works in Private Banking.