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13 Mar 2012

Congratulations go to our new DBA Graduates

Fernando LAGRANA
(DBA GEM in Switzerland, Webster)

08/12/2011 at 2.00pm in room F901

When e-mail crosses role boundaries – exposure to spam and protection strategies

Dr. Fernando Lagrana is an internationally recognized telecommunications and ICT thought leader, in particular for his contribution to Head of State and C-level negotiations and conferences. Before graduating from the DBA of Grenoble Ecole de Management he obtained a Master's degree in computer science and management, as well as an MBA. He was invited to join the International Telecommunication Academy for his work on interactive communications. His current research focuses on business ethics and ethical communications.

Yawei David WANG
(DBA GEM in China, Tongji)

12/12/2011 at 9.00am in room F901

The Influence of Personal Relationship (Guanxi) and Inter-organizational Relationships on Marketing Channel Cooperation and Conflict: An Empirical Research

Before completing his DBA at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Dr. Yawei Wang obtained an EMBA from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2007. His managerial experience has been in sales in the pharmaceutical sector (Bayer Healthcare and Bayer Schering Pharma) for 20 years. Dr. Wang is currently working as General Manager of Purchasing Management Department at Sinopharm holding Co. Ltd.

(DBA GEM in Lebanon, LCU)

21/12/2011 at 2.00pm in room F901

The Effects of the ISO 9000 Certification of Firms in Lebanon upon the Satisfaction of their Customers in the Business-to-Business Lebanese Market: The Case of the Packing Industry


Mohammad BAYDOUN
(DBA GEM in Lebanon, LCU)

06/01/2012 2.00pm in room F901

Risk Management during Preconstruction Phases of Large Scale Development Projects in Developing Countries:  Cases from MDI’s Projects

Dr. Mohammad Baydoun worked on many key large scale development projects in the Middle East. He holds a bachelor degree in architecture, a Master's degree in urban design, an executive Masters in business administration and now his Doctorate of Business Administration from Grenoble Ecole de Management. He won many professional and academic awards, among which are Ghanem Al Shama' Price for the best graduation project and Saraya's Spirit to Serve Award. He also has some published and undergoing publications on risk management of large scale development projects.

(DBA GEM in Lebanon, LCU)

09/01/2012 9.30am in room F901

Exploring Knowledge Creation in Management Consulting Practices for Corporate Strategy

In addition to his DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Dr. Mazen Khattab holds a double Executive Masters of Business Administration from ESCP-EAP (France) and École Supérieure des Affaires (Lebanon), an M.Sc. in Business Administration & Management from the Université Saint- Joseph (Lebanon). He is a seasoned professional with multidisciplinary background in business development, corporate strategy, revenue assurance & revenue chain management, project management and management consulting. He has worked for several companies in the fields of mobile telecommunications and industry. He is currently the Managing Partner of Rising Management & Strategy Consultants (RMS), a strategy & business consultancy that serves Startups & growing Small & Medium Enterprises.

Patrice-Anne NUQ
(Joint DBA in Newcastle)

10/01/2012 2.00pm in room F305

Towards a Better Understanding of the Intention to Use eHealth Services by Medical Professionals: the Case of Developing Countries

Dr Patrice Anne Nuq is the first graduate of the Grenoble-Newcastle joint DBA. She is Dean of Academic Affairs at the International University in Geneva, Switzerland. She is also Professor of Marketing at International University in Geneva since 2002. Dr Nuq draws on extensive international market experience in strategic and operational marketing aimed at customer loyalty and satisfaction. As Director of Marketing, Customer Development, Patrice was instrumental in launching Orange into the Swiss market building on her successful track record in the marketing of leading high technology brands, having started her career in the United States working at RCA Global Communications and ITT World Communications. Dr Nuq has recent publications in the area of services marketing in leading healthcare journals. She is also the co-author of a book: Exploring Marketing, A creative learning approach.

(DBA GEM in Lebanon, LCU)


23/01/2012 2.00pm in room F909

Talent Management: A Key Driver for Employees’ Commitment Contribution and Intention to Stay

Dr Rola Chami Malaeb obtained a Masters in Management before pursuing her DBA degree at Grenoble Ecole de Management.
She is currently Director at the Modern University of Business and Science (MUBS), Aley Campus, in Lebanon. She has previous work experience as the Head of human resource department at MUBS and the Coordinator of Business department in the Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon (AUL). She has 12 years of academic experience as a part time instructor in different private universities in addition to the Lebanese University (LU). She holds two certificates of ISO 9000, Quality Management Representative and Internal Auditor that led to training many companies on ISO. She is member of the Red Cross central committee in Lebanon.
She has several publications in the 11th and 12th international conference of human resource development across Europe. She Contributed in the DBA symposium of Grenoble Ecole de management and wrote a chapter in the DBA collective book of Grenoble Ecole de Management.
Rola Chami research interests are in talent management, the human resources development and retention. Her DBA research topic was on Talent management as a key driver for employees’ commitment, contribution and intention to stay.