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06 Jun 2012

Article by PhD student Marko Pitesa accepted for publication in The Academy of Management Journal

Marko Pitesa (3rd year PhD student) is the first author with Stefan Thau of an article accepted for publication in The Academy of Management Journal, one of the top peer-reviewed academic journals on management (4* CNRS, rank 1).

 The article entitled «Compliant Sinners, Obstinate Saints: How Power and Self-Focus Determine the Effectiveness of Social Influences in Ethical Decision Making” was originally developed during a 1st year research paper seminar at Grenoble Ecole de Management.
Marko Pitesa is currently a visiting student at the London Business School. 

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Article Abstract:

In this research, we examine when and why organizational environments influence how employees respond to moral issues. Past research proposed that social influences in organizations affect employees’ ethical decision making, but did not explain when and why some individuals are affected by the organizational environment and some disregard it. To address this problem, we drew on research on power to propose that power makes people more self-focused, which, in turn, makes them more likely to act upon their preferences and ignore (un)ethical social influences. Using both experimental and field methods, we tested our model across the three main paradigms of social influence: informational influence (Study 1 and 2), normative influence (Study 3), and compliance (Study 4). Results offer converging evidence for our theory