Module 5: Capstone Course

The capstone is made of:

Serious Game

The serious game will provide the students with the opportunity to bring together many aspects of the program. They will have to manage a virtual company, make decisions related to strategy and finance, using their skills and knowledge to solve issues and to propose solutions in small groups using a computer based simulation game.

Integrative Case Study

This integrative Case Study will enable students to develop their team work skills and to put in practice the concepts learnt throughout the first year of the program. In cross campus teams, students will analyse all the financial aspects of a listed company:

  • Sector analysis and firm strategy
  • Financial equilibrium, profitability, risk and growth
  • Investment and financing policy
  • Strategic financial decisions
  • Dividend policy
  • Stock market performance
  • Valuation
  • Corporate governance

Research Methodology and Project Workshop 

This workshop should equip you with the knowledge and tools required to write your Final Management Project.