MBA scholarships

These are MBA scholarships for applicants to the full-time MBA program based in Grenoble.

Applicants to other GGSB programs can apply for scholarships and loans available through external international organizations. 

Grenoble Graduate School of Business is focused on producing some of the best business talents in the world. We therefore offer a number of generous scholarship programs that are available to candidates as an aid to pursuing an education that opens the door to  fantastic business opportunities.

Scholarship Maximum Award

Early Bird Award

For applications received before December 31 the year prior to the start of the program. Scholarships are limited to the first 5 students who meet the criteria and specifically request this scholarship.


GMAT Merit Scholarship

Candidates who obtain a GMAT score of 650 and above in the quantitative section of the test are eligible for this award.


MBA Outstanding Professional Woman

Scholarship awarded on the basis of academic record plus personal and professional achievements to women who can demonstrate accelerated career development or who have had diverse experiences in their former positions. Successful past applicants have included women with careers in automotive design and public health. Please include a detailed CV and a short statement outlining your career progression.


MBA Cultural Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship has been developed to encourage applicants from a wide range of international backgrounds to benefit from our MBA and promote cultural diversity in the classroom. The ideal applicant should have lived or worked in a variety of countries and/or should speak several languages. Candidates must present concrete examples of how their professional experience abroad has enriched their life and furthered their desire to pursue higher education in Grenoble.


MBA Academic Excellence

For applicants with a strong academic record in terms of high GPA or equivalent, having graduated with honors in their previous academic programs or achieving results at or above the 90% mark in the grading scale.


Emerging and Developing Countries

For applications from nations where average per capita income is comparatively low, and where the financial support of the scholarship is an essential factor. This scholarship is offered to candidates from emerging economies, particularly from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East


BRIC Engineer Scholarship

Award for students from Brazil, Russia, India and China admitted to MBA with engineering background (technology oriented profile)


GGSB Alumni Discount

We offer a 5% discount to all former students who have completed an on-site GGSB academic program.

5% discount


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