MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Practical information

Program duration
One academic year on campus followed by a final management project.

Entry requirements
Bachelor or Licence-level undergraduate degree - At least three years of full-time work experience – Fluency in English

Degree level
Master (120 ECTS credits)

Full program fees
€ 31,450 in Grenoble (see overseas campus pages for local fees)

Important dates

Apr. 01 2017 - Tbilisi intake
Apr. 08 2017 - Moscow intake

Teaching location
Grenoble Campus | Tbilisi Campus | Moscow Campus | Berlin Campus

MBA on Berlin Campus | MBA in Moscow | Tbilissi


  • To provide a high-quality international management program.
  • To accompany the personal and professional development of program participants.
  • To create a group of dynamic learners with a diversity of professional experience and of cultural origins.

In the Rankings

What are the key strengths of this program?

The MBA offers a 500 hour general management program in a triple-accredited International Business School. 
The Grenoble Graduate School of Business MBA is highly applied in content, delivered by a team that brings together academic specialists together with managers and consultants from a wide range of sectors.

Program Delivery: Full-time Structure

The course modules are taught over one academic year from September to the end of June.
The class sessions take place on a regular basis from Monday to Friday. Upon successful completion of these modules, participants will begin their Final Management Project. Students normally work part- or full-time during this phase. The choice of location for the project is entirely the student's own.

Foreign Language classes: the Full-Time delivery includes optional foreign language, with a focus on French. 



Phase 1 Core courses

The program is a balanced and challenging one, equipping participants with numerical and analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills, plus insights into current managerial issues in geopolitics, macroeconomics and governance. Through regular group work on cases and individual assignments on management dilemmas, students will develop their expertise in budgetary and financial management as well as in people management. Strategic analysis and Negotiations skills are developed through face-to-face team negotiations to resolve authentic and complex cases.

Personal Development Week in Grenoble each year

Students from each campus are invited to attend this week together, enabling students from 4 centers to network and to attend seminars and conferences together on key management questions. Topics covered typically include Conflict Resolution, Interview Techniques, Radical Career Change, Salary Negotiations, and Effective Leadership.

Global Management Challenge

The Global Management Challenge simulation is one of the highlights of the core courses. Small teams of MBA students will compete in a complex management simulation against leading business and engineering schools, firstly in France followed by international play-offs in the final rounds. The decision-making is intense and the experience is a roller-coaster ride of changing share price, volatile business environments, and exchanges - often heated! - with fellow team members.

In 2017 all full-time Grenoble students will visit Barcelona, Spain for the International Human Resources module.

Phase 2 Specializations

From a menu of up to 8 alternative choices, students can personalize their MBA program for 20% of their total class sessions. The content is focused on professional management activity, such as Management Consulting, or management in a range of functional areas. For many participants, the specialization choice will also determine the focus of the Final Management Project: for example, choosing a Finance elective can lead directly to a project in the area of Finance.

Phase 3 Final Management Project

During this phase, program participants are free to locate to anywhere in the world and to complete their projects while pursuing professional activity. The Project is an opportunity that different students use in different ways. A Full-Time student may use the project to demonstrate value and capabilities to a potential employer. For some students, ideas for entrepreneurial ventures can be assessed before the start-up is launched.

CNCP Recognition

Students graduating from the MBA also receive a certificate conferring on them the title of Manager International. This title, recognized by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle – part of the  French Ministry of Labor - attests to the acquisition of international management skills and knowledge necessary for future managers in an international context. The Manager International label is certified with Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles at Level 1, the highest level.

Overview of the course content

Program Introduction, Teambuilding & Leadership. 2-4 days

    Core modules ( 30h each )

    Choice of one specialization (elective)


    Classes are taught by GGSB faculty, visiting professors from top universities worldwide, and top business professionals. Most of the permanent faculty is engaged in applied research. Their teaching links theory to practice through authentic business cases.
    Their diverse cultural and international background gives a strong international dimension to the program

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    Top Employers of our MBA Graduates:

    • ING
    • KPMG
    • L’Oréal
    • Nokia
    • Philips
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Procter & Gamble
    • Radisson Hotels & Resorts
    • Schneider Electric
    •  Siemens
    • STMicroelectronics
    • Accenture
    • Alstom
    • Bosch
    • Danone
    • Decathlon
    • Delphi Automotive Systems
    • Deutsche Bank
    • EADS
    • Ernst & Young
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • IBM

    Fast Facts

    • 93% of students find a job within three months of graduation
    • 98% of graduates express high job satisfaction
    • 59% of graduates work in international corporations
    • 31% are in top management jobs

    Student Testimonial

     Jambo and Namaste! I’m Smriddhi Dhingra, a full time MBA student at Grenoble Graduate School of Business. Born and raised in two very colourful, culturally rich countries, Kenya and India, I had the opportunity to grow up to a unique mix of "The Masai Mara" and "Chicken Tikka Masala."

    Prior to the MBA, I worked in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, handling doctor and patient programs integral to the marketing function. Though this rich experience, I realized how difficult it is to get even the most basic primary healthcare and medication in developing nations at affordable rates. This revelation inspired me to enroll in the GGSB MBA.

    In order to get the most out of an MBA, beyond the course content, the setting, experience and type of interactions are of utmost importance. This is why I chose France, which has been at the forefront of building policies and structures for global healthcare, education, and human rights. There is much to experience of French culture, apart from the art and the wine and cheese - although these are added benefits.

    My most important MBA program criterion was a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum taught by international faculty and offered by an accredited school of management with a good overall ranking. The class profile was another important factor. Experienced, mature individuals from different backgrounds add value by creating real understanding of the cultural nuances that play an important role in global business today. GGSB scored in these all aspects

    After my MBA, I intend to work with pharmaceutical companies wanting to establish mutually beneficial relations with developing nations – especially in Africa – to build efficient systems that make quality, affordable healthcare accessible. Over the long term, I hope to liaise between the government and corporate worlds to establish healthcare models encompassing cultural nuances, socioeconomic factors, and public/private partnerships to improve care in these countries

    Smriddhi Dhingra, Grenoble Full-Time MBA 2013

    Employer Testimonial

    “At MGE UPS, our policy is to promote the professional development of our managers. An MBA is a great way to reward managers for their commitment and success, whilst at the same time investing in their potential for the future of the company.

    The part-time MBA offered by GGSB is a particularly interesting training proposal as it allows the manager to remain in his or her function while following the course. The structure of the Grenoble MBA course also allows the manager to integrate the theory and practical frameworks at work right from the outset of the course – there is no need to wait until the end of the MBA to see a return on the training investment.

    The experience of Denis Coupé is a great example of this. He has achieved greater team efficiency and has a much broader perspective on the group’s challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, he has brought a new strategic perspective to our evaluation and selection of suppliers.

    MGE UPS works with suppliers from across the world to source materials for our factories in Asia, North America and Europe; the strategic evaluation of these suppliers is critical for the long-term success of these relationships. The international management focus and high-level business understanding gained by Denis during his MBA has provided invaluable in this area.

    The whole experience has been an outright success. The end result for MGE UPS is a manager who is deeply enriched by his MBA experience and who has even greater potential for the success of our company.”

    Bruno Mesnard - Vice President, Europe and International - MGE UPS


    MBA candidates are experienced professionals from diverse sectors who display a high level of maturity and intellectual curiosity. Candidates should have excellent written and oral communication skills, and should be open to cultural diversity. Special attention will be paid to a candidate's motivation for an international career.

    Entry requirements:

    • A Bachelor-level, undergraduate degree in any subject
    • At least three years of significant full-time work experience
    • Fluency in English - see test requirements below
    • GMAT may be required on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified after the Admissions Board meets if you are required to take the GMAT. Target score is 550 with a minimum of 70% in the quantitative section (GMAT institution code 0365). Students who score over 650 can apply for the GGSB GMAT Merit Scholarship. Details are below.


    Apply here

    To apply for this program candidates must complete the online application and include scanned copies of all original supporting documents. All documents must be in English, or be submitted with a certified English translation if written in another language.

    • CV/Résumé
    • 3 short essays
    • 2 references (professional or academic)  family members or friends are not acceptable as referees
    • Scan of passport
    • Internationally recognized passport picture
    • Fluency in English (TOEFL, PTE, IELTS or CPE):
      • TOEFL: computer-based: 240 / IBT: 94 (minimum score of 22 in each band) / paper-based : 587. (Institutional/ITP TOEFL not accepted.) TOEFL Institution code: 8973.
      • IELTS: 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in all areas (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking)
      • Cambridge Proficiency Exam : A,B,C
      • Pearson Test of English (PTE) with a minimum of 63.
      • TOEIC is not  accepted.
    • Please note GMAT and English test scores must be communicated to GGSB by the beginning of July for September programs and by the beginning of November for January programs
    • Official copy of latest degree or diploma
    • University transcripts: front/back with grading scale

    Please note that for your initial application we ask only for copies of documents. If you are accepted to a program, we will then request the original certificates or certified copies. These may be either sent by post or brought in person when you begin the program. This request will be made in your acceptance letter.

    To ensure Grenoble Ecole de Management is the right fit for you, you may be asked to participate in an interview. You will be notified if an interview is necessary after the Admission Board meets.

    Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please consult rolling admissions deadlines.

    Note: All academic qualifications, including those earned at Grenoble Ecole de Management , are recognized at the discretion of each country or university. Students seeking admission to a further course of study or who wish to work in another country after their Grenoble Ecole de Management program may need to have their GEM degree certified through a process specified by the receiving authority. Before starting a GEM program, students who know that they want to work or study in another country or university are advised to verify whether their intended GEM degree will be recognized.


    Fees to be paid by student 31,450 € for 2 years

    Total fees to be paid by the student: € 31,450.

    Included in fees: flights, accommodation, and local transport for the study trip. All personal expenses during the study trip are to be paid by the student.

    Fees cover the full program tuition, project supervision and access to all Grenoble Ecole de Management facilities. The cost does not include accommodation, meals, or personal expenses.

    An administrative fee of 250€ is charged for student services in Year 1 and a further 250€ for student card renewal in Year 2.

    Fees are subject to change. Please verify program fees each year before the start of the program.

    Policy concerning the refund of tuition fees.

    Please refer to our partner campus websites for the fees for programs offered at our off-site locations.

    Note: MBA students are not eligible for CROUS scholarships

    Eligible students may use their education benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the MBA program.




    The GMAT Merit Scholarship is available for candidates who score 650 or above on the GMAT, with 75% or over on the quantitative portion of the test.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarships will only be awarded to candidates applying for on-site programs (Grenoble campus) and not for off-site ones.
    • Scholarships will not be reimbursed or maintained in case of deferral, withdrawal, or incomplete enrolment.
    • To apply for a Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarship, the candidate must have already submitted a complete application.

    Policy concerning the refund of tuition fees.


    The following Scholarships are available for the full-time track of this program in Grenoble:

    • Outstanding Professional Women
      For female candidates with a career path that has made a difference.
      Include a detailed CV
      Include a short statement outlining your career progression
    • Outstanding Academic Excellence
      For candidates that have excelled academically by either obtaining a score of 650 or over in the GMAT test or an average GPA in their Bachelors of 75% or over.
      Include GMAT Score / Final GPA
    • Cultural Diversity Scholarship
      For candidates in a number of pre-determined countries with an international background having lived and worked in various countries and experienced the challenges and benefits of cultural diversity. 
    • Middle Eastern MBA Excellency Scholarship
      For Middle-Eastern candidates showing exemplary motivation and outstanding academic performance.  
    • Applicants for all MBA Scholarships are required to complete a Personal Statement (maximum 1000 words) explaining their interpretation of the GGSB Scholarship mission, their determination to complete the program and the positive contribution they believe the MBA will make to their future career and the community in they live in.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarships will only be awarded to candidates applying for on-site programs (Grenoble campus) and not for off-site ones.
    • Scholarships will not be reimbursed or maintained in case of deferral, withdrawal, or incomplete enrolment.
    • To apply for a Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarship, the candidate must have submitted a complete application.

    More information



    • 17 Oct Grenoble Ecole de Management’s part-time MBA is ranked in the Financial Times 2016 Executive MBA ranking, published on Monday 16, October. The Grenoble program gained 20 positions . It is performing  the highest  progression in this year’s ranking.

      A jump of 20 places in the FT Emba world ranking 2016

      Grenoble Ecole de Management’s part-time MBA is ranked in the Financial Times 2016 Executive MBA ranking, published on Monday 16, October. The Grenoble program gained 20 positions . It is performing the highest progression in this year’s ranking.

    • 25 Jan

      MBA enters the Financial Times top 100 Global MBA ranking

      Grenoble Ecole de Management/GGSB's MBA is ranked 94th best MBA in the world, according to the Financial Times most recent Global MBA ranking, published on 25th January 2016.

    • 06 Mar

      MBA ranked 1st in France and 10th in Europe for graduate employment

      The recent research report on Return on Investment (ROI) for business schools in Europe has demonstrated how doing a MBA at GGSB is a wise choice. The report, released on Feb 25th, 2015 highlighted some of the key strengths of this program.

    • 02 Feb

      MBA ranked 1st in the 2015 International Trade Monitor

      GGSB’s MBA program is No. 1 in the 2015 International Trade Monitor (MOCI 29 January 2015) the leading French publication for trade & investment professionals, ahead of other leading schools such as Nantes and Neoma.

    • 21 Jan


      The MBA Innovation Award celebrates the best new practices, risks and creativity initiated around AMBA-accredited programmes. For 2014 there were four strong finalists, all who have proven their commitment to delivering ground-breaking practices in...