The Marketing Environment

Economics, Ethics and Cultural Issues for Marketing Managers

  • Elementary theory of demand and supply,
  • Elasticity of demand and its relevance to marketing mix,
  • Elementary theory of opportunity cost; economic profitability and the basic theory of rational investment project appraisal,
  • Market structure theories with special emphasis on oligopoly; strategic interdependence and product differentiation,
  • A brief introduction to some of the moral philosophies relevant to the normative evaluation of marketing activity,
  • Basic concepts and distinctions, normative/positive, legal v. moral responsibility,
  • Introduction to cultural issues in management,
  • Understanding culture: cultural models and cultural variables,
  • Impact of culture on managerial behaviour,
  • Importance of cultural differences in communication and in advertising,
  • Examples of cultural diversity and cases of success and failure with regard to marketing campaigns.

Marketing Psychology and Consumer Behaviour

  • Introduction to Consumer Behaviour,
  • Framework for Consumer Analysis,
  • Affect & cognition, knowledge & involvement
  • Attention & comprehension, attitudes & intentions.
  • Consumer decision-making behaviour
  • Conditioning & learning processes, influencing consumer behaviour
  • Market segmentation & product positioning, product strategy.
  • Consumer behaviour & Promotion strategy, Pricing strategy, E-Commerce & Channel Strategy.

Market Research

  • The role of Marketing Research in Marketing decision-making,
  • Marketing Research methodology and writing research proposals,
  • Types of information and data (secondary, primary),
  • Data Collection Methods (qualitative and quantitative studies),
  • Research Design (exploratory, descriptive, causal),
  • Questionnaire design,
  • Sampling,
  • Measurement Instruments,
  • Data Collection + Analysis.