March 2016

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Lower Oil Prices to Impact World Economy

The price of oil has dropped under $32 a barrel and could continue to drop. What are the economic consequences of this long term plunge in oil prices? What will be the geopolitical impact on countries around the world?
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Brand Repositioning: Lidl France Sheds Image as Hard Discount Store

Lidl France has carried out a full u-turn over the past three years. From hard discount leader to a positioning focused on having the best quality-price ratio, this leading supermarket chain shares its approach to repositioning its brand.
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Gender Equality: Overcoming Complacency

Many fields of activity can boast of their progress in terms of gender equality. We now see laws, policies and various actions set up to promote gender equality. However, going from policy to practice is still an important challenge for many organizations.
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Using Group Interviews to Spice Up Your Recruitment Process

Why use group interviews to improve your recruitment process? Two experts in the field of recruitment explain how group interviews help companies discover a different side of their potential recruits.
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