Improve both your own and your teams’ performance 

The leadership seminar aims at:

  • Learning about different leadership styles
  • Exploring leadership experiences 
  • Discovering your personal leadership skills and preferences. 
  • Understanding how effective leaders mobilize “followers” to transform organizations.


Program Content

1. Leadership Fundamentals

  • Characteristics of a leadership situation
  • Reflection on participants' leadership experiences 
  • Historical development and contemporary leadership approaches 
  • Leadership styles and preferences 
  • Leadership simulation

2.  Leadership Practice

  • Analysis of individual leadership preferences 
  • Case analysis and discussion 
  • Leadership functions in organizations 
  • Stakeholder, power and resource based approaches to leadership 
  • The context of leadership: power, culture and structure in organizations

This 2 day operational seminar is delivered in English.
Active participation will ensure an enriching exchange of best practices.

Biography of the trainer: Mark Esposito


  • Intervenes worldwide on MBA programs and is an International research advisor for UNESCO. 
  • Co-author of a Nobel nominated reference textbook. 
  • 10 years of international business and academic experience.
  • Holds a PhD in Sustainable Development and consults regularly with the Government of Malaysia on Leadership and Performance Management issues.
    Mark is truly a "citizen of the globe", speaks seven languages and lives between Switzerland, the USA, France and Panama.
  • Information

    E-mail execed@grenoble-em.com or call (+33) 4 76 70 65 53.