International Academic Partnerships

ESCA Business School: a Center for Exchanges in Morocco

Grenoble Ecole de Management has been developing its ties with the ESCA business school for the past 15 years. This partnership has served as the foundation for the school's strategy to aid in the development of the Maghreb region and

According to the 2015 EdUniversal ranking, ESCA Ecole de Management is the leading business school in Morocco.


  • Joint higher education and continuing education programs in Morocco (MSc Human Resources, MSc Purchasing, MSc Marketing and Communications part-time and full-time, Business Manager Training, etc.)
  • Exchange program for ESCA students to participate in the Grenoble Ecole de Management Grande Ecole program
  • Professor exchanges
  • Creation of a training hub in Casablanca for African students (INSEAM, the Euro-African Management Institute). The INSEAM was created as a result of the partnership between Grenoble Ecole de Management and ESCA. The institute trains leaders to be socially responsible and shares with them the knowledge needed to overcome specific challenges faced by African companies. The goal is to encourage the creation and growth of local companies that will also be able to expand internationally. For new developments, follow the institute on Twitter: @INSEAM_ecole.

PAPTE: Aid and Assistance Program for Developing Countries

ESC Grenoble's international partnerships help us provide our students with a multicultural learning environment. These partnerships are also part of the PAPTE, which was launched by ESC Grenoble to support the economic growth of developing countries via training and exchange opportunities for students and professors. The PAPTE also aims to develop collaborative research projects.