Intercultural Management and Ethics

Cross Cultural Management

The objectives of this module are to help participants develop greater awareness and sensitivity towards the cross-cultural idiosyncrasies and issues involved in today’s international business arena and to challenge the opportunities and perceived threats encountered when managing and negotiating in an increasingly complex multicultural environment. A theoretical framework will be provided whilst drawing upon students’ personal cultural experiences.

Different attitudes towards time and space, information flow, decision-making and leadership are just a few of the many dimensions of culture that will be discussed. Managing cultural differences in the face of an increasingly turbulent and less predictable environment represents a real challenge to today’s managers.

The successful managers of this century will be the ones who are culturally sensitive and tolerant towards the differences encountered in work-related values, whether in the context of joint-ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions or simply in face-to-face interactions with people from other cultural horizons. In failing to understand the cultural cues of their foreign counterparts, managers will be handicapped in their ability to capitalize on the long-term social and financial effectiveness of their organizations.

International Negotiation

The objectives of this module are to make the students sensitive to cross-cultural problems in negotiation situations while developing their basic negotiation skills.
Students will be prepared for working in multicultural environments and for conducting business internationally.

Business Ethics

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