Information Management

Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) and their associated technologies are critical to the provision of business opportunities and the achievement of business objectives. The design, implementation and management of such systems is a challenging process which requires strategic planning and management. IS applications will become complex as they will need to cross organisational and international boundaries as a result of the continued development of electronic digital data transmission, globalisation of trade, the growing sophistication of Internet based systems and the need to deliver e-business systems.

This module introduces students to such issues and prepares them to work in environments where the information needs and organisational boundaries are ambiguous and constantly changing. Theoretical models and frameworks which support the strategic analysis and development of an organisation’s Information Strategy and Information Systems are presented, applied and analysed.

Knowledge Management

This introductory course on knowledge management has been designed around three objectives to develop:

  1. Understanding of the relationship between knowledge, information and data.
  2. Understanding why knowledge management is an issue today, when it never was before.
  3. Understanding how to specify and implement a knowledge management project in an organization.