Grande Ecole Program

The star program of French Business Schools

The Grande Ecole Program of Grenoble Ecole de Management opens the way to a Master of Science in Management.

This is the « star program » of the prestigious French « Grandes Ecoles » network.

After a competitive entrance examination, graduates have acquired skills in all fields of management and at least 12 months of work experience through internships.

The program is taught in French but students can also choose to follow it in English, bilingual or trilingual formats.

What is a Grande Ecole ?

It is a higher education teaching establishment which has considerable autonomy and its own specific pedagogical project, which includes the following characteristics:

  • International open-mindedness
  • Close links with social/economic spheres (placements, projects, partnerships with industrialists, etc.)
  • Research activities and technology transfer
  • Teaching staff made up of permanent academic staff but also "practitioner" teaching staff from the corporate world
  • A continually evolving pedagogical approach that focuses on professional skills: offering both lectures, work in small groups, project management and placements in companies…

The Grande Ecole Program issues a Master level diploma, recognized by the State (5 years studies after the French Baccalauréat). Due to the excellence of the program delivered and high performance of its graduates, the diploma provides access to key functions in companies and to top-level careers.

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