Global Trade Environment

Part 1 presents the international trading environment and the relations between developed and developing economies at a macroeconomic level. There will be a particular focus on trade blocs, a major and fast-evolving influence on international trade activity. Other issues include the role of institutions such as the WTO, and the continuing use of protective policies in various states.

The overall aim is to provide the platform needed to follow Part 2 of this module, ‘Business Operations in Emerging Economies’ which will examine operational or microeconomic questions in a number of countries.
Business operations in emerging economies

With the global spread of international business operations, the emerging market economies are of key importance for international business. These economies offer many opportunities for expansion in terms of low cost locations, resources and new markets. However, these economies also present special challenges for international companies arising from the nature of the rapid economic and political transformations they are currently undergoing.

This module intially examines the underpinning economic theory necessary for an understanding of the growth and development of emerging economies. It then examines the strategies available to international firms for successful operation within these economies.