The General Business Environment

Finance and Accounting for Marketing Managers (part of CIM modules)

Financial accounting: an introduction to the core concepts of financial accounting and reporting, including terminology and assumptions and financial statements. Accounting information, in the form of financial statements, is used for planning, control and decision making.

This course develops students’ ability to read, understand and interpret accounting documents that are compiled for external parties such as investors, creditors and tax authorities.

International accounting : to broaden students’ understanding of accounting by setting study in an international context to be able to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex international business environment.

International Business Law and Contracts

Introduction to Business Law. Contracts: fundamentals on contracts, international sales contract, e-contracts.
Agency law: appointing a marketing agent in a foreign country, distinction between dependent agent and independent agent.

Legal issues specific to market management:


  • Trademarks and Domain Names
  • Copyrights
  • Marketing and Advertising Laws, labelling laws
  • Privacy and data protection laws
  • Pricing issues: dumping, predatory practices.

Strategic Management

This course will present the tools and techniques for formulating successful strategies, by analysing industries, sources of profitability available to firms and designing the strategies to access these sources of profitability.

We will look at strategy as a link between the firm and its industry environment. A key topic is the analysis of industry structure and the strategies for building competitive advantage for superior profitability. You will be asked to analyse industries and structures and positions, and make decisions concerning key issues and indicate how your decisions will be implemented.