Executive Spring Program

Enhance your business education and experience life in a new and challenging environment

Key benefits

Summer school in France, Europe.

  • Earn 2US or 4ECTS credit hours for each intensive academic course
  • Experience a balanced mix of high level academic learning with extensive industry participation
  • Interact with top managers during company visits and presentations
  • Discover the French Silicon Valley, the high tech clusters where innovation and energy start-ups are omnipresent
  • Savour local culture and socialize with your peers from around the world in a highly international city
Innovation Management Track 
18-22 May 2015 - 24 hours - 2 US credit hours

Design Management Track 
25-29 May 2015 - 24 hours - 2 US credit hours

Entrepreneurship Track
1-5 June 2015 - 24 hours - 2 US credit hours

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