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Seminar: Entrepreneurship

From (CET)
04 Dec 2015.
From : 13:30
04 Dec 2015.
To : 16:30


The OI seminar aims at helping scholars, especially junior scholars, PhDs and post doc to update their knowledge and to test their argument before sending papers to journals or referred conferences.


  • Multi-disciplinary approaches on innovation and organization
  • Training for junior (and senior) scholars
  • Stimulating publication through in-depth discussion of papers. The paper is presented and discussed by a referee with developmental comments.
  • Thematic workshops to enhance our research capabilities.

Propositions and ideas are welcome. Usually, we try to dedicate sessions to refine our papers for the AoM, EGOS, EASST, 4S, IPDM etc. We also welcome scholars who are visiting our institutions to present their work. We also welcome new scholars at GEM or Pacte to present their work.

Sébastien LIARTE, Université Lorraine, “ An effectual approach to entrepreneurial serendipity: Exploring the role of the leveraging contingencies process"
Sean WHITE, Grenoble Ecole de Management , “Relational legitimacy: how entrepreneurs engage their supporters”

Thomas Gillier