Custom Programs: An Opportunity for Company Development

For over 15 years, Poma has been training its employees to reinforce and expand their skill set. A commitment based on the need to anticipate the demands of the marketplace. To develop its employees' agility, Poma has been supplementing their initial training with specifically designed seminars. Christian Laval, Head of Sales in France/Andorre and Poma World Services, shares his company's experience.

For how long has Poma counted on Grenoble Ecole de Management Custom Programs?


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We began these seminars in the late 1990s. Our goal was to allow our engineers, technicians and other employees to discover the field of Management. The theme of our first Custom Program was "Increasing the value of sales." It was a seminar designed to improve our interactions with clients and better meet their needs. Since then, we have explored a wide panoply of themes. It's really about expanding our employees' skill set in order to anticipate our clients' demands.

What has Poma gained from these personalized seminars?

They allow participating employees to develop new skills as well as new behaviors. We have also been able to adopt new means of collaboration by expanding the ways we work together. In the end, developing our employees' skills allows them, and thus the company, to be agile and ready to face the demands of the market. We measure the efficiency of these trainings during the seminars as well as in the field through individual interviews.

What are the advantages of the Custom Programs?

Grenoble Ecole de Management works with us to design programs according to our needs. First we begin by setting forth our requirements and objectives. Then we work hand-in-hand to develop a program and content that will ensure a successful training experience. The most important factor is the availability and commitment of the program professors. This allows us to offer a learning experience that really fits the realities of our sector. This collaborative effort has led to our training programs being both efficient and successful.

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