Corporate Custom programs

“Understanding your objectives,
Designing a program together to achieve them, Delivering wherever you need it”.

Our approach to customized programs is that of a partnership between you and our people. Program managers, faculty and administrative staff are here to help your organization through all steps of the way to a successful project.

Understanding your objectives

Taking the time to listen to your project and learn from your organization’s environment. Understanding the challenges you face and the objectives you want to achieve. These essential qualities will enable your project to materialize and to reach your target. 

Developing a program with you to achieve them

Building on our experience, proposing innovative approaches and flexible formats to overcome your constraints. Our faculty works hand in hand with your people, identifying the best solutions to design the program that will achieve your objectives. 

Delivering high quality programs worldwide, whenever and wherever you need them

With programs delivered in 10 locations worldwide and over 120 academic partners in 40 countries on all continents, with experience in organizing residency programs in Europe, China and India, but also through our e-learning options, GGSB can provide proven expertise and accompany your organization on a global scale.


To request detailed information on our custom programs, please contact us at: