Certificate in Innovation Leadership

Practical information

Program duration
1-2 or 3 weeks. Each module has a 5-day schedule

Entry requirements
A professional level in English is required (for non-native applicants, proof of English will be asked). At least 3 years of work experience


The Certificate in Innovation Leadership is a three-week course designed for managers of technology-based and service companies willing to take leadership in innovation and initiate change.

The modular structure of the program is designed so that the tracks can be followed independently or in a block, allowing participants to fully benefit from the complete training if they attend the 3 weeks.

  • Innovation Management: 18-22 May 2015
  • Design Thinking for Managers: 25-29 May 2015
  • Entrepreneurial Management: 1-5 June 2015

1US or 2ECTS credit hours gained for each week of intensive training

Profile of Participants

Managers and professionals who need an executive course to acquire necessary knowledge and tools for a step forward in their career. The program is particularly geared towards those who understand that innovation is a strategic activity and want to lead their companies in adopting new models and processes.

Key Benefits

  • Gain the necessary skills, concepts, and tools to make effective strategic decision
  • Learn how to take leadership in innovation and initiate change in your company.
  • Discover the French Silicon Valley, a vibrant ecosystem where leading-edge research and business institutions successfully collaborate together.
  • Experience a balanced mix of high level training with extensive industry participation
  • Meet innovative and competitive academics and professionals from around the world who share your interests and goals.
  • Enjoy local culture and socialize with your peers in a highly international city


Innovation Management

This module is devoted to the analysis of key issues regarding innovation in a globalized world. Impact on business strategy will be discussed in order to illustrate how managers can exert their leadership and attain higher goals.

The topics to be covered start with creativity as a core competence for innovative leaders, which is a key element in exploiting other sources of innovation. Advanced approaches and techniques to manage innovation are also part of the program as well as an evaluation of their relevance to real cases.

Open and reverse innovation will be an important part of the module because they can multiply the impact of innovation activities in the company. Also inter-organizational networks and their governance systems will also be analysed. How to make it happen is the content of the conclusive session and will wrap-up

The module will conclude with a session to address implementation and execution strategies and offer practical insights covering all the necessary tactics to transform a good manager into an innovation leader.

Key benefits

  • Learn how innovation supports competitiveness in a global environment
  • Understand how innovation is related to business strategy and how to manage it effectively
  • Master the necessary key skills to drive innovation and change within the company
  • Assess both the potential and any pitfalls of open innovation and inter-firm collaboration

Design Thinking for Managers

In innovation a lot depends on people, company culture and an authentic drive for creating value.

Managers should understand creative approaches, have an open mindset to work with creative people, have confidence in their creativity and intuition, and foster innovative approaches in companies.

Ideally, managers, designers and others drive innovation together by satisfying customers' needs and the company's strategic goals, at the same time putting design excellence in forefront of attention. Co-operation is not always smooth due to differences in mindset and objectives.

The objective of this module is to make participants:

  • Realize the importance of empathy for the user in the design research and development stages
  • Understand steps in the design process 
  • Learn how methods traditionally used by designers might be used to solve business issues in a creative manner
  • Experience an active and hands-on design thinking course

Entrepreneurial Management

This last week of training completes the program introducing the elements that make possible the commercial exploitation of an idea or an innovation. This is a course for managers and professionals that want to understand better what it means to become entrepreneur. The module is useful also to those interested in developing intrapreneurship program in their organizations.

The week will cover the following aspects of entrepreneurship:

  • Analysis of internal and external strategy and strategic positioning
  • Foundations of market research, competitive analysis and risk analysis techniques
  • Key rules & processes for the new organization
  • Talent management activities
  • Business planning and sourcing of finance

A the end of this week of training, during the last session, participants will have the opportunity to pitch their business idea in a real situation to a jury composed of their lecturer, a business angel and/or an entrepreneur. They will provide a professional and direct feedback to each pitch so that participants can enact straight away what they have learned.

Key benefits

  • Understand the challenges of creating and developing a successful business
  • Create your own start-up business from scratch and pitch to Business Angels and investors in real life team situations.
  • Learn how to manage the “process & resources” needed when building your business plan and creating your own start-up.
  • Meet successful CEOs and entrepreneurs to see if you have the “heart and soul” of an entrepreneur


Companies sponsoring their employees to participate to the program and self-sponsored participants benefit from:

  • Cutting edge program content with an operational approach for immediate impact in the workplace
  • Training delivered in an international context (participants and faculty) that promotes exchange of experience with other professionals
  • Company visits and guest speakers to expose participants to successful business cases
  • An interactive pedagogy entailing online and offline simulations and workshops to put learners in realistic managerial situations
  • A certificate awarded to participants who validate the three modules


To apply for this program please fill out the online application form and send all required supporting documents (indicated in the application form).

Admission is subject to selection process and to the number of seats available. The number of participants will be limited and candidates will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.



Apply before

Innovation Management
18-22 May 2015
€ 1,800 27 April 2015
Design Thinking for Managers
25-29 May 2015
€ 1,800 27 April 2015
Entrepreneurial Management
1-5 June 2015
€ 1,800 27 April 2015
Packaged offer:
2-week course
3-week course
€ 2,980
€ 3,800

Fees include

  • Business course
  • Welcome event to break the ice with your fellow participants
  • Networking events: French cooking class, Wine tasting…
  • Company visit/guest speaker
  • Farewell dinner and certificate awarding ceremony

Fees do not include

  • Accommodation in Grenoble
  • Insurance
  • Round trip air fare
  • Meals, except for those listed above

Policy concerning the refund of tuition fees