Case Studies

These projects represent a valuable resource for a number of stakeholders. Students have given permission to publish their work here; the copyright for each report is retained by the student authors and the lab-center.

When The Cluster Gets Armed: The Israeli Defense Cluster In 2012 The skolkovo innovation cluster: russian reality or mirage?
The palm oil cluster and its contribution to the colombian miracle...

The medicon valley in Denmark and Sweden: an emerging northern star?
The ict activity in romania: fierce conglomerate or emerging cluster? Smart houses in Norway and the smart new cluster?
Mumbai's passion for movies: the emergence of the small screen cluster when healing is more than good: ayurvedic cluster in kerala

Brazil's financial service cluster in Sao Paulo: can it sustain the country's growth for the next years?


The drug cartel cluster In Mexico 

The gambling cluster in Macao: is this cluster blind-sided by its own success?

The Japanese anime and manga cluster: can such an established cluster still rescue Japan's economy?

The London music industry cluster: can the cluster survive the epochal shift in proprietary rights?

The Waikato dairy cluster in New Zealand: can this small cluster shape a national economy?  The norwegian petroleum cluster: can Norway shift towards a knowledge-based growth?
  • The islamic finance cluster in Dubai: a viable alternative to conventional finance?
  • Dubai Education Cluster
Vietnam Coffee Cluster 
Bicycle Cluster in Taiwan 
  • The genoa maritime cluster: facing strong competition through synergies?
  • Italy's fashion Cluster

Grenoble's Cluster Peru's Transportation Cluster

Ireland ICT Cluster
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Germany Composites Cluster   Available on Scribd.
Luxembourg Financial Services Cluster   Available on Scribd. Canada: The Video Game Cluster
Germany: The Stuttgart Automotive Cluster