Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations

The Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations (AFMO) group at Grenoble Ecole de Management brings together a number of researchers from diverse backgrounds to investigate new forms of markets and organizations that foster social and environmental innovations.

The AFMO group has a deep interest in understanding the emergence of new organization, management and market models and practices that may bring additional social value.

It conducts research that:

  • Observes and contributes to pioneering forms of markets and organizations
  • Analyses dominant management practices and models
  • Looks at how they diffuse through time
  • Investigates the historical roots of these practices and explains mechanisms which underlie their development and current strength
  • Identifies and highlights emerging social critiques and social movements.

Our team members currently look at diverse topics like worker cooperatives, frugal innovation in emerging countries, partnerships for environmental innovation in the electronic industry, bricolage in the workplace, climate summits, authenticity at work in an international organic supermarket chain, the critics to the current dominant model of cultural management by Hoffstede, the work of middle managers in a global accounting company, alternative banks, the origin of accounting, the role of media in mainstreaming economic thoughts, the process of scapegoating to regulate global value chain, accountability and  management in the Salvation army.

The AFMO group works closely with other Grenoble Ecole de Management initiatives like the research team on cooperatives held by the Finance and Control department and the chair on mindfulness.