• 08 Oct

    Research : Political Skill, The Key to Thriving in the Workplace?

    The age of the linear career is over. A fact that has forced companies to focus on creating a favorable social environment to retain employees. As organizations continue to grow in size and complexity, thriving in the workplace is a continuous...

  • 06 Oct

    Research: Managers, for a pleasant workplace, be nice

    Workplace incivility is rampant and on the rise, with costs to individuals and organizations. Despite the increased need for civility, little is known about potential individual benefits of civility, defined as behaviour involving politeness and...

  • 29 Sep

    Research : Customer reaction and Market identity

    This article, written by Tao Wang, Filippo Carlo Wezel and Bernard Forgues, examines the conditions under which organizations publicly respond to unfavorable consumer evaluations that challenge their market identity. This study relies on an analyse...

  • 21 Sep

    MSc Finance graduate becomes AIFMD expert

    Stefani Staneva has arguably become one of the youngest authorities on the AIFMD after completing a 22,000 word dissertation on the subject to complete her GGSB MSc Finance program entitled, “The impact of AIFMD on UK AIFMs after the official...

  • 14 Sep

    Research: the Complementary Role of Branding

    Investing in emerging technology is a double-edge sword for companies. As competition grows fiercer, finding innovative solutions becomes a crucial part of any company's strategy to stay competitive. Offering a product based on emerging technology...