• 22 Sep

    Energy market barometer report - Summer 2016

    Digital transformation in the electricity sector: this Summer 2016 edition of the Grenoble Ecole de Management Energy Market Barometer explored the assessment of French Energy experts regarding the digital transformation of the electricity sector in...

  • 16 Sep Quand Orange met la performance économique et sociale au service du client

    Orange Combines Economic and Social Performance to Enhance Customer Service

    In 2014, the Orange group launched a national training program to help its technical and sales teams evolve. The goal was to encourage a change in perspective in terms of management in order to implement transverse interactions and simplify its...

  • 16 Sep

    Research: Easy-to-Read Food Labels Increase Intention to Purchase

    The battle for healthy food has become a worldwide concern. Public health agencies have invested energy and resources in fighting health risks such as obesity. In this battle, food labels that indicate nutritional facts have come to play a vital...

  • 12 Sep

    Protecting Your Personal Data Worldwide

    As the giants of the internet such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon collect, analyze, store, use and share enormous quantities of personal data, the issue of data privacy continues to be a priority. The explosion of data, and in particular...

  • 12 Sep Benoît Beylier - Marie Legrand

    Multicultural Teams: Good Practices and Mistakes to Avoid

    UAE, Brazil, India, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg… Discover tips and advice from two Grenoble Ecole de Management alumni living and working abroad.