• 03 Jul

    Making a success of your business transfer: new tools developed for a European project

    Every year, approximately 150,000 business transfers fail in Europe threatening some 600,000 jobs. BTAR's European project, launched in early 2015, aims to target the vulnerabilities in business transfer systems and draw on best practices in order...

  • 29 Jun

    Studapart : A private and free housing platform

    A private and free housing platform, dedicated entirely to GEM students in Grenoble, everywhere in France and abroad.

  • 22 Jun

    Research: Microeconomic Degrowth, Community Supported Agriculture

    Economic growth is the cornerstone of mainstream macroeconomics. In the face of economic crises and unemployment, growth has long been the only acceptable solution. Yet many issues have started to challenge this dominant economic model. As a result...

  • 18 Jun

    Video: Msc Human Ressources, Innovative Teaching Methods

    The MSc IHRM and Organizational Development incorporates highly innovative and interactive pedagogical methods, including "Serious Games". These cutting edge training tools which simulate real-world scenarios for the purpose of problem solving and...

  • 16 Jun

    2014 Annual Report

    Discover all the key moments that marked the year 2014 at Grenoble Ecole de Management. From historic moments to new projects, partners and programs, the year 2014 was a turning point as the School celebrated 30 years of excellence and launched a...